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Parkour Vision

Parkour Vision.


Parkour Vision

Let me preface this by saying that I am no Parkour expert. My study of it is very limited in actual practice. I’ve shot it quite a bit and of course directed the film which gave me a lot of insight. I’ve watched tons of videos on the web. I’ve been to a few jams and spoken to many practitioners about the craft and the art form. So I have immersed myself quite a bit. But I’m no expert and I can only speak from my own experiences in studying and practicing it .

 When people think of Parkour, certain images pop in there head. Someone leaping down from a high place, landing, and then rolling on the ground unscathed.  Perhaps someone scaling a wall. The usual balancing on a beam or some cool flips more associated with Free Running then Parkour. But they never stop to think of how a practitioner of this sport sees the playing field. The playing field being our surrounding environment. Be it stairs, high walls etc etc. We think of the physicality but not how they put the pieces together calculating how to move over and through various objects fluidly. It is calculating but it becomes more and more instinctual the longer someone practices this art form. Nothing can prepare you for that moment when you first catch yourself looking at your surroundings and only thinking about the angles in which to navigate up and down and all around it. I’m not sure what triggered me first noticing that I was doing that. I’m not even sure if it was the first time I did it. But it got me excited. It’s almost as if the world just got a little bit more spacious with a lot less clutter. New paths opened up. It was liberating in its own way.


Most people only focus on the Freerunning moves. There is nothing wrong with those. I’m a fan of using your environment to have some fun. But people ignore the artistry of moving efficiently through your environment. Where we see obstacles they see stepping stones to get where they want to go. 


One often cited criteria for determining if something is art, is whether or not you see the world the same after having experienced it. Since I can never see the world the same again after learning about Parkour, doesn’t that make Parkour an art? 


Hearing the Zombie Apocalypse

Any amount of noise no matter what it is can attract a horde of zombies in your direction.

Any kind of noise will send a zombie off in that direction for miles to infinity.

So if you can never make your presence known, what do you do with your time?

In a world where outdoor and most indoor social gatherings will attract hordes of the undead to your location, what do you do for fun?

You can never get together for a BBQ out in the park. Outdoor sports gatherings like football, and baseball will never happen again. No more outdoor concerts by the shore or in the city parks. It isn’t just because of the zombies either. You have to watch out for other humans as well.

So how does living in this world of silence change the way humans fight each other? 

If you can’t make noise when fighting each other, the days of large scale warfare are over. No gangs converging in all out brawls and battles. No shoot outs. Large scale battles make too much noise. The dead will be on them in a matter of minutes. The battle grounds will take place in the shadows, or in the cover of darkness. Death could be hiding in plain sight as your friend or fellow traveler. Deception, evasion, will be the law of the land.

For larger groups of survivors noise can be used as a weapon to herd hoards of zombies towards the direction of there enemy.

It can be used to distract them away from your hiding place. 

What about those who have never known any other world? Those that have always lived in a world of the dead. The only experience they would have of music are mainly through headphones and at “silent” parties where people sync there music players to the same beat. Occasionally someone will blast music in a deep basement or up in a more secluded high rise with the windows covered. 

But no more enjoying music barefoot on the rooftop with either the sun raining down on you or the moon and the stars illuminating the night. No more impromptu drum circles or live guitar out on the street. No spoken word or poetry on any of the corners. No means to express ourselves in the outside world in any auditory way. 

The ironic part, is that though humans have to be silent, the dead don’t have to. So the only constant sound is that of dead corpses stumbling about. Day and night all the inhuman grunts and noises coming from the dead will blend into a constant hum outside your window. You’ll learn to block it out the way you would traffic. 

A world where we couldn’t openly express ourselves because the volume would attract thousands of flesh eating people is a prison in which the dead are the guards and we the inmates, trapped in our various different cells with the sound of the dinner bell ringing 24/7. 


A few years back I once said to a much older woman, “If we were the same age I would make you my booty call.” To which she responded, “Thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” Now if she was a younger woman, she probably would’ve flipped me off. Such are the weird and complicated dynamics between men and women. 

What is sex during a zombie apocalypse? In a zombie apocalypse, life revolves around survival and nothing more. There is little time to form relationships or even meet anyone outside your survival group. So how does that change the way we relate to one another in a sexual way? Do we still hold on to our hang ups or do we fuck freely? Would casual sex become a more common thing because of the uncertainty of how long you’ll live? Would more people come out of the closet? If a group of straight men decide to gratify each other because there are no women around, is that something to hide or does that become the norm considering the circumstances? Do you get a pass the way you would in jail where homosexual behavior is common but not frowned upon because of the lack of women there? Of course rapists would come out of the woodwork with no real authority to keep them at bay. Sometimes you would even have to tolerate one living among your group because of what there individual skill set is and what role that skill plays in the groups survival. Would age difference even matter anymore? Is it ok for a boy in his teens to be with a woman in her 40’s? Would todays standards of age gap matter in this post apocalyptic world where you can die on any given day gruesomely? Or would forming any loving connection even one slightly inappropriate just be accepted? Or does that sort of thing still need to be frowned upon in order for us to continue calling ourselves a civilized society? Would sex be sold as a commodity to survive? It stands to reason that brothels would pop up. If your a beautiful woman and the best skill set you have is your beauty and your willingness to trade your body for food and protection then you’ll most likely do it. Some women in a particular group would be there just to satisfy the groups troops who are protecting and keeping everyone safe. Depending on the group and how immoral they are these women would be either treated like whores, or treated with respect. Some groups may decide to practice a more “hippie” lifestyle and engage in polyamorous relationships. There would be no jealousy and no one belonging to anyone. What about love? If throughout your potentially short lifetime you encounter a non stop revolving door of people who either just get up and leave out of your life or die gruesomely, would you ever be able to form any connection? Would you even know how if all your days are spent looking for things to consume while not being consumed yourself? Would everyone just slowly and gradually become numb from the constant death? If that is the eventual outcome of a zombie apocalypse, then we’ll all be dead long before were actually deceased. 

Interview I did for HorrorX.TV

This is the first time I’ve ever done an interview. More challenging then I thought. Good thing it was online and I had time to type in my answers. Don’t know how well I would’ve done if it was a live person to person interview. I have a new found respect for people who are interviewed all the time.

I didn’t know what questions were going to be asked of me and I was surprised by the answers I gave. It’s rather eye opening what you reveal to yourself when you answer certain questions. I didn’t know I knew as much as I did about horror until I was put on the spot by the interviewer. The kind of questions asked to you are not the usual questions you would be asked in your normal every day life so certain topics you don’t normally think about are suddenly brought to the surface.

Your kind of put on the spot when your asked questions about your craft as well. You don’t want to sound like you don’t know what your talking about but how can you even determine that? I just try and answer from the heart and not over think it. I guess being put on the spot and having a limited time to answer can either cause you to freeze up or cause you to spit out some hidden knowledge you weren’t even aware you had.

The weirdest part is having someone wanting to interview you. I couldn’t help but think, “Who am I that someone would want to interview me? Does this mean I’m something of an expert in my field? Have I reached that point that what I have to say is at all important or enlightening? “

Definitely an interesting experience and not a whole lot of people get to do it.


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